Affordable Eco Friendly Mattress

Affordable Eco Friendly Mattress

Here, we are mentioning the five best affordable eco friendly mattress. There are many cheap mattresses in the market but it is essential to know the best ones so that you can spend your money on the right product.

Check the recommendations and pick something that suits your budget and preferences.

Cheap Eco Friendly Mattress In 2023

Here are our 5 best budget eco friendly mattress in the UK market.

1. Silentnight Foam Mattress

Silentnight mattress

  • Special features: Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant
  • Item firmness description: Medium

Who it’s best for:

  • Best cheap eco friendly mattress
  • Organic affordable mattress
  • Protect Against dust mites
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Absorbs movement ensuring no roll together
  • It will fit onto any standard bedframe you have
  • Luxury knitted layer

This mattress is covered in a soft knit fabric for a smooth sleeping surface. It is naturally hypoallergenic. In this Silentnight foam mattress their comfort foam support absorbs movement that ensures rolls together for an extra sleeping surface.

This mattress also has a soft-knit waterfall case for extra comfort. Silentnight foam mattress features a Miratex foam core which absorbs movement that ensures no roll together for extra sleeping space and this mattress will fit onto any standard bed frame you have.

In this mattress their edge-to-edge support foam provides pressure relief and their protect fibers actively protect Against dust mites. This mattress is not too firm and not too soft – a safe shout for side sleepers.

What is made of: This mattress is made with foam and pocketed coil.

How it performed: The overall performance of this mattress is very good according to Its users but the manufacturer can improve it more.


2. ZINUS Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress

Zinus Mattress

  • Special Features: Low Motion Transfer
  • Item firmness description: Medium
  • Top style: Green Tea infused memory foam

Who Its best for:

  • Affordable eco-friendly mattress
  • Certipur-us certified
  • Best for side and stomach sleepers
  • Pressure relief
  • Pain-free + supportive
  • Best for stomach sleepers


  • High-density foam
  • Knitted jacquard fabric
  • Climate pledge friendly

In this mattress they use refreshing green tea Men foam that cradles your shape that’s why you awake free of pains and aches. They use high-density base supports to foam and breathable comfort foam that is ideal for average-weight sleepers and back sleepers.

They also use the highest quality foam that is very much ideal for performance durability and content. They use smart technology to compress and roll in one box. ZINUS green tea memory foam is best for stomach and back sleepers. This mattress is also climate pledge friendly.

What is made of: This mattress is made with refreshing change tea memory foam and knitted jacquard fabric.

How it performed: The ZINUS Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress is quite classy and smooth so it is amazing to sleep on it as a result the customers overall love the product.


3. Linenspa Memory Foam

Linenspa Mattress

  • Special feature: Plush, can be rolled in folded
  • Item firmness description: Firm
  • Fill material: Memory Foam

Who Its best for:

  • Best cheap eco-friendly mattress
  • Certipur-us certified
  • Medium firm feel
  • Posh hybrid design


  • Tempered steel coils provide ample support
  • Comfort foam creates a cushioned surface
  • 20-centimeter memory foam

In Linenspa Memory Foam mattress a plush layer of gel-infused memory foam hugs the curves of your body. It also distributes your weight evenly that’s why you fall asleep very comfortably.

In this mattress, the reliable support of the tempered coils is combined with two foam layers. It provides a medium firm feel that is suitable for everyone. This mattress is certiPUR-US certified.

A medium-firm feel makes this bed perfect for your kid’s room, your room, your College dorm room, or guest room. They use soft memory foam that cradles your shape while you sleep. It also supports different contact points on your body for comfort.

What is made of: This mattress is made with memory foam, encased coil, and innerspring.

How it performed: The overall performance of the mattress is very good according to its users but the manufacturer can improve it more.


4. Starlight Beds Mattress

Starlight Beds Mattress

  • Special feature: Memory Foam
  • Item Firmness description: Plush
  • Fill Material: Memory Foam

Who Its best for:

  • Best budget eco-friendly mattress
  • King-size memory foam mattress
  • Micro quilted sleeping surface


  • King-size bed mattress
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Can relieve pressure

Their mattresses are designed and manufactured in the UK. This Starlight Beds Mattress is ideal for adults and children and it fits a Uk standard bed bade. In this mattress, their memory foam benefits include pressure reliving on the body which helps soothe pains and aches.

It makes your sleep more comfortable and ensures a peaceful night’s sleep. This mattress is finished with a cool touch surface for comfort. It is a great low-cost budget memory foam mattress.

What is made of: This most eco friendly mattress is made from super soft fabric which cushions the sleeper’s body resulting in comfort, quality,, and support.

How it performed: The performance of the mattress is very good because it is very soft and comfortable while sleeping.


5. Kono Memory Foam

kono Memory Foam

  • Special features: Dust Mite protection
  • Item firmness description: Medium
  • Fill material: High-density Foam

Who Its best for:

  • Organic affordable eco-friendly mattress
  • Dust mite protection
  • Temperature regulating
  • Antibacterial
  • Pressure relief


  • High-density foam
  • Full body support system
  • High permeability
  • Skin-friendly knitted fabric

The Kono Memory Foam mattress is suitable for all sleep positions. Their mattress allows your body to shape and contour with the bed. This mattress provides a supportive and comfortable night rest and it is also suitable for adults, children, and most base types.

They use a 15cm high innerspring design to provide good spinal support for everyone. This mattress has maximum durability and it also can release pressure. Their memory foam perfectly fits your body contour and absorbs noise and vibration.

What is made of: This mattress is made with breathable memory foam and non-woven fabric.

How it performed: Clients are overall satisfied with the product’s quality after using it.



Here is the end of the article since you know about the mattresses now you can buy one for yourself at your convenience.

If you have a question in our mind then I can help you, you can go for Silentnight best affordable eco friendly mattress which is the best among the mattresses.