Best Air Mattress For Guests UK

Best Air Mattress For Guests UK

Choosing the right air mattress for guests is one of the most important steps. It is also most challenging because a perfect match is highly individual.

To solve these problem we are discussing about five best air bed mattress for guests below.

Top 5 Air Bed For Guests

Here are our best air bed for guests in the UK.

1. Active Era Air Bed

Active Era Air bed

  • Size : Single
  • Product dimensions : 187×99W×53Th centimeters
  • Item Weight : 4.6 kg

Who its best for:

  • Elactric pump
  • Waterproof flocked top
  • Durable and hard wearing


  • Enhanced support
  • Raised pillow
  • Washable cover

What is made of: Active era air bed toppers are made in the Uk. We are using 100% pure memory foam. That contours to your body for a perfect night. This air bed mattress is built with an extra thick and hard wearing.

It has waterproof flocked top layer. This bed is fitted with 21 structured air coils. It provide maximum support for your body, spine and neck.

Highlight: This air bed is made with advanced air coil technology. 21 Internal air coils deliver superior spinal support.


2. Dreamcatcher Air Bed

Dream Catcher Air Bed

  • Size : Double
  • Product dimensions : 191L×137W×46Th centimeters
  • Material type : Plastic
  • Power Source : Electric Powered
  • Wattge: 130 watts

Who it’s best for:

  • 35 Air support sturts providing you with a great night sleep
  • Protective waterproof topping
  • Integrated manual air valve


  • Intergrated powerful economical 130W pump
  • Storage Bag included
  • Double size air bed size : 191×137×46 cm

What is made of: This air bed mattress has waterproof topping and storage bag. Waterproof topping for large durability. It also comes with storage bag. This air bed mattress is travel friendly and ideal for camping. Non slip plush finishing for extra comfort. Standard valve manually inflatable. Built in electric pump for fast inflation.

How it performed: This air bed comes with a standard and manual valve. The standard valve provides the ability to the manually inflect your airbed. It is ideal for situations without electricity.


3. iDOO King Size Air Bed

iDOO Air Bed

  • Size: King
  • Product dimensions : 2.03L×1.52W×0.46Th metres

Who its best for:

  • Double size 203*152*46cm
  • Powerful built in electric pump
  • Max weight capacity 295 kg


  • 3 minutes fast and easy inflation
  • Puncture resistant material
  • Soft touch waterproof flock coating

What is made of: This king size air bed built in pump and waterproof flocked top. Even if camping on during a blackout. It takes 3 minutes to witness the magical moment of the air bed blowing up.

High frequency seam technology can effectively prevent air leak. So, the mattress will stay plump all night. Reinforced edges ensure stability. It provide your guest and family premium sleeping support. Deflates to a small size for easy storing.

How it performed: This air bed mattress has extra string support up to650LB. Keep your body well supported.


4. OlarHike Queen Air Bed

OlarHike Queen Air Bed

  • Size: Queen
  • Product dimensions : 2.03L×1.52W×0.46Th metres
  • Special features: Foldable
  • Item weight: 8.23 kg

Who its best for:

  • Integrated, powerful and extra quiet pump
  • Extra thick 0.6 mm waterproof surface
  • Non -slip base


  • Durable structure with excellent welding Technology
  • Suitable for any occasion
  • Ready for camping any time

What is made of: OlarHike Queen Air bed has powerful and extra quit pump. The electric pump works very quickly. It feed deflate air takes just 2-3 minutes. You can use it with a Euro plug.

The surface is 0.2mm thick and soft flocked to increase breathability and comfort. Easy to clean by wiping. Moving and unwanted slipping is prevented by a non slip base. So, you can roll or move while you sleep.

How it performed: This double size air bed has been seamlessly welded. It equipped with 40 innovative coils.It loses less air than comparable models. The structure is very robust and resistant.


5. Get Fit Air Bed

Get Fit Air Bed

  • Size: king
  • Product dimensions : 2.03L×1.52W×0.53Th metres
  • Coil type : Pocketed coil
  • Comfort layer material : Cotton
  • Item weight : 8.78 kilograms

Who its best for:

  • King size :152×203×53 cm
  • Built in electric pump to inflate
  • Durable, Hard weaning resistant material


  • Inter greated headboard
  • Manual air valave
  • Plush waterproof flock coating

What is made of: This air mattress comes with a soft waterproof flocked top layer. It is also designed with multilayer extra thick. Bring this tough air bed any where. It is great for camping, picnic and home sleepings. It is great for guests, moving to your dorm. It also includes a travel friendly carrying bag. This air mattress comes with a special 2 soft inflatable pillows.

How it performed: This air bed gives you extra back support when lounging. Its pillow stopper keeps your pillows from falling when sleeping. It feel like you are sleeping on a traditional mattress. You will forget you are a air bed.


Concluding Remarks

Above we have discussed the best five air beds for guest. These air bed mattress are super comfortable. All in all we can say the Active Era Air Bed is really great for a nice rest and sleep.

So, its goes without saying that you must shop for that comfortable air beds for guests that is value for you.

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