Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers

Best Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers

Searching for the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers? I am here to help. If you are most comfortable side sleeping, you will want to look for a hybrid mattress that offers extra cushioning for key pressure points along the knees, hips and shoulders.

When it comes to firmness level, its best to sleep on a soft mattress although a medium to medium-firm bed will also suit if you require a little more support.

So, I am here to tell you the top 7 hybrid mattress for side sleepers with their pros and cons.

Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers In 2023

Say Goodbye to Sagging and Pain with the Ultimate Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleepers

1. Lucid Hybrid Mattress

Lucid Hybrid Mattress

  • Special Feature: Hypoallergenic
  • Item firmness description: Plush, medium

Who it’s best for:

  • Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers
  • Medium plush feel
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Encased coil
  • 10” memory foam hybrid


  • Aloevera Infused hybrid mattress
  • Medium firm
  • Adjustable base
  • You can pair it with any frame
  • The fill material is bamboo charcoal

You will enjoy the soft sink in feeling of memory foam. All memory foam of this Lucid Hybrid mattress is certiPUR-US certified and free from harmful chemicals. The soft memory foam conforms to the curves of your body.

Bamboo charcoal infusion helps eliminate odors. It pulls moisture away from the skin. The aloevera-infused foam creates a calming sleep environment. Your sleep Won’t be disturbed. Your mattress will firmly support you. You can move without disturbing the other in the bed because a sturdy bed frame plush the individually encased coils assist in motion isolation

What is made of: This Lucid mattress is made with 1.5” bamboo charcoal memory foam, 5.5” foam encased pocket coil, 1” Aloe vera Transition foam, 1” base foam and 1” support foam.

How it performed: You will experience superior comfort with the lucid 10-inch bamboo charcoal and Aloe vera Hybrid mattress. These mattresses have fiberglass fire protection.


2. Simba Hybrid Mattress

Simba Hybrid Mattress

  • Special feature: No motion transfer comfort layer
  • Item firmness description: medium firm

Who it’s best for:

  • Engineered for the best night sleeps
  • Five layers of comfort
  • Best Hybrid mattress for side sleepers
  • The fresh feel of simulates


  • Soft and comfortable
  • The Simba aerocoilmicrospring comfort layer
  • Breathable sleep surface
  • Open cell Graphite infused SIMBATEX

Their ingenious, patented Aerocoil springs offer you the best support and temperature control as you sleep. This EU queen Simba hybrid mattress has 2500 of these sleeping beauties, but they are ultra-five and tiny.

So, they react to your every move, you won’t feel a thing. They also help to increase airflow through your mattress as they gently release and compress you don’t need to choose between foam and springs.

Their unique combination of aerofoil micro springs offers cool but cozy comfort and support to all types of sleepers. Theirs simulated foam has a more open structure for maximum airflow. It is infused with graphite and it drams beat away from the body.

What is made of: This mattress is made with a breathable sleep surface, open cell graphite infused simulates, aerofoil spring comfort layer.

How it performed: Simba Hybrid mattress is very good. Great night’s sleep every night.


3. Novilla Hybrid Mattress

Novilla 4FT6 Double Mattress

  • Special feature: Rolled-up mattress, pocket sprung mattress
  • Item firmness description: Medium
  • Fill material: Novilla

Who it’s best for:

  • Supportive pocket springs
  • Breathable knitted fabric
  • Gel cool memory foam
  • The breathable comfort foam layer


  • Motion isolation
  • Sleep with confidence
  • Optimal body support
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Compatible with most bed frames

Novilla hybrid mattress are available in a wide range of sizes and thicknesses to suit most bed frames. This hybrid mattress it has hundreds of individually pocketed springs that Smartly provide effective support and absorb the body’s movement.

The foam is certiPUR-US certified which ensures excellent comfort. It absorbs noise, and vibrations and this memory foam layer fits your body perfectly. Their gel-infused foam offers you cool summer and warm winter.

What is made of: This mattress is made with quilted bamboo rayon tight top cover, high-density base foam, cool gel-infused memory foam and individual pocketed spring.

How it performed: Novilla mattresses are available in a wide range of thicknesses and sizes to suit most bed frames.


4. Summerby Hybrid Mattress

Summerby Hybrid Mattress

  • Item Firmness Description: Plush, Medium
  • Special feature: Traditional coil spring, Memory foam, support foam

Who it’s best for:

  • Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers
  • Perfect for all sleepers
  • Relieves pressure points
  • Breathable cover
  • Hybrid design
  • Memory foam layer
  • Not too firm, not too soft


  • Comfort for all the family
  • Pressure-relieving memory foam
  • Perfect for all sleeping positions

Their hybrid design suits most body types due to their unique combination of memory foam and springs. Traditional steel coils provide body support. The Memory foam layer relieves pressure points on the body.

A soft and silky knitted cover improves the breathability amd moisture control of your sleep environment. The quilted design of this mattress adds an extra comfort layer creating a plush sleeping surface.

This Summerby mattress has been designed for all types of sleeping positions. Pressure-relieving memory foam compresses evenly under body weight. In this mattress, traditional steel coil springs have been used in mattresses for generations. They provide reliable body support.

What is made of: This mattress is made with a soft and breathable cover, tempered steel coils, a felt pad and a memory foam layer.

How it performed: This mattress is not too firm and not too soft. It is perfect for all sleeping positions.


5. Linespa Mattress

Linenspa Mattress

  • Fill material: memory foam
  • Special features: Plush, orthopedic

Who it’s best for:

  • Memory and comfort foam
  • Individual innersprings
  • Posh hybrid design
  • 20 cm hybrid mattress
  • Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers


  • CertiPUR-US certified
  • Medium firm
  • Tempered steel coils
  • Conforming comfort and support

The Linespa mattress is certiPUR-US certified. In this mattress, a plush layer of gel-infused memory foam hugs the curves of your body. It distributes your weight evenly. So, you fell asleep comfortably and soundly.

This 20 cm hybrid mattress combines conforming memory foam with the traditional support of a sprung mattress. That is for a medium firm feel, it is perfect for every bedroom. The reliable support of the tempered steel coils combined with two foam layers.

It provides a medium firm feel that is suitable for anyone in life. Quilted memory foam adds a plush top layer. Comfort foam creates a cushioned surface and tempered steel coils provide ample support.

What is made of: This mattress is made with memory foam, innerspring, tempered steel coils and comfort foam.

How it performed: A medium-firm feel makes this mattress perfect for your room, a College dorm room, your kid’s room, or a guest room.


6. BedStory Hybrid Mattress

BedStory Hybrid Mattress

  • Item firmness description: Plush, medium, firm
  • Construction Type: Foam, innerspring, Hybrid

Who it’s best for:

  • Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers
  • Super comfortable hybrid mattress
  • Medium firm
  • Comfort support level


  • This mattress fits all frames
  • 16 cm foam mattress with coil spring
  • Quilted breathable cover

The soft knitted cover of this mattress is overlaid on a comfort sponge layer. It is for an incredibly comfortable sleeping surface. The foam conforms to your body’s unique curves to minimize pressure points.

Soft foam layers combine the support of a traditional coil spring mattress then you will have the revolutionary softness and comfort of a hybrid mattress. You can sleep deeper and wake up with more abundant energy because a single mattress fiber quilted cover overlaid on comfort foam for a comfortable sleep surface. The mattress takes care of your healthy sleep every night.

What is made of: This BedStory mattress is made with a 2 cm foam comfort layer, 12.5 cm firm springs coils and soft polyester skin-friendly knitted.

How it performed: Cool-to-the-touch quilted breathable cover and open coil help keeps your sleeping temperature regulated.


7. ZINUS Hybrid Mattress

ZINUS Memory Foam Spring Hybrid Mattress

  • Item firmness description: Medium
  • Special feature: Memory foam, low motion transfer

Who it’s best for:

  • Best hybrid mattress for side sleepers
  • This mattress is certiPUR-US certified
  • Made with high-density foam


  • Knitted jacquard fabric
  • Climate pledge friendly
  • It can relieve your pain

Their mattresses are a fully certiPUR-US complement for performance, durability and content. They have combined natural odor-eliminating green tea, enveloping memory foam and top-notch steel support coils to give you an unbeatable mattress.

This ZINUS mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers and petite to average-weight individuals. Highest quality foam in certiPUR-US certified for durability performance. Their technology allows this mattress to be efficiently compressed into one box

What is made of: This mattress is made with 0.6 cm memory foam, 9.4 cm high-density foam and a 15 cm base layer of steel innerspring.

How it performed: This mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers and retitle to average-weight individuals.


Features to Look for in Hybrid Mattress For Side Sleepers

When looking for the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers, here are some key features to consider:

Comfort layer: A comfortable top layer of memory foam or latex can provide pressure relief for hips and shoulders.

Firmness: Look for a mattress that is medium-firm to provide adequate support and prevent spinal alignment issues.

Edge support: Good edge support helps reduce the risk of rolling off the mattress and also provides more sleeping space.

Motion isolation: A hybrid mattress with good motion isolation helps prevent disturbing your partner when you move during the night.

Responsiveness: The responsiveness of the mattress refers to how quickly it returns to its original shape after being compressed. Look for a mattress that is both supportive and responsive.

Warranty and return policy: Make sure the hybrid mattress you choose comes with a good warranty and return policy in case it doesn’t meet your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

What makes a hybrid mattress good for side sleepers?

A hybrid mattress typically combines springs and foam for support and pressure relief, which makes it a good option for side sleepers who need extra cushioning for their hips and shoulders.

What type of foam is best for side sleepers in a hybrid mattress?

Memory foam or gel-infused memory foam are often considered the best foam options for side sleepers in a hybrid mattress as they provide excellent pressure relief and contouring to the body.

How firm should a hybrid mattress be for side sleepers?

Side sleepers generally prefer a medium-soft to medium-firm mattress to help keep the spine in proper alignment and prevent pressure points.

Are hybrid mattresses good for people with shoulder pain?

Yes, hybrid mattresses with a soft top layer and supportive coils can provide the necessary pressure relief and support to alleviate shoulder pain for side sleepers.

Are hybrid mattresses suitable for people with back pain?

Yes, hybrid mattresses that offer a balance of support and pressure relief can help alleviate back pain for side sleepers as they keep the spine in proper alignment while also cushioning pressure points.



Here is the end of the article since you know about the mattresses now you can buy one for yourself at your convenience.

If you have a question in our mind then I can help you, you can go for Lucid Hybrid Mattress which is the best among the mattresses.

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