Best Mattress Under £200

Best Mattress Under £200

If you are looking for a mattress for comfortable sleeping at a good price then the following mattress may be the best choice for you.

All these mattresses are made with high quality technology. Below is discussion of the best 9 best mattress under £200.

Best Mattress Under £200 Review 2023

Here are our 9 mattress under 200 pounds in the UK.

Note: This is just an idea. Most mattresses are priced under £200, but there are a few mattresses that may exceed this price range.

1. Inofia Single Memory Foam

Inofia Single Memory Foam

  • Size: Double (135*190)cm
  • Product dimensions: 190L*135w*29t centimeters
  • Comfort layer material: Memory foam
  • Coil type: Pocketed coil

Who its best for:

  • It has pocketed springs
  • Very very comfortable to sleep
  • It created a nice air layer between your body


  • Helps to control back pain
  • Provide greatest durability while delivery pressure relief
  • It helps to motion separation for less partner distantness and back support

What is made of: A mattress is an intimate choice with the indilgent comfort of our legend comfort memory foam and the extraordinary support of innovative pocket coils,the legendary collection is the perfect combination just for once in your life .you would like to sleep until you woke up natural with inofia. our hypoallegranenic anti_mite cover made of fibers .

How it performed: This mattress is very useful to your body .If you buy this mattress you will get varies benefits. This mattress is not comparable for the best sleep.

2. Vesgantti Double Mattress

Vesgantti Mattress

  • Product dimensions: 187*200*25cm
  • Material: Pocket sprung
  • Coil type: Pocketed coil

Who its best for:

  • It distributes body heat for unlimited rest
  • Designed with layers of certipur us certified foam
  • It has hundreds of individual pocket spring


  • 5 cm foam layers provide a touch of cushion and bounce
  • Increased airflow ensures a comfy sleeping experience in the summer
  • 20 cm pocket spring offers ideal support for most sleeping positions.

What is made of: Our vesgantti mattress is designed with layers of certipur us certified foam and hundreds of individual pocket springs “vesgantti super king mattress is soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to be supportive a ultra quiet hybrid mattress for side back and stomach sleepers.

Romantic 3 zoned lavender stretch knit cover cwith innovative polyster mesh on side perfectly contours to your body’absorb noise and vibration allows for superior airflow and distributes body heat away for ultimate restfulness.

How it performed: We provide every family with comfortable and supportive mattress. Increased airflow ensures a comfy sleeping experience vin the summer.

3. Newentor Memory Foam Mattres

Newentor Memory Foam Mattres

  • Product dimensions: 190L*135w*23T centimeters
  • Comfort layer material: Memory foam
  • Coil type: Pocketed coil
  • Item firmness description: Medium
  • Special fearure: Medium firm

Who its best for:

  • This mattress is soft but it has supportive memory foam
  • It is made with antibacterial and breathable carbon fiber cover
  • Comfort pressure relieving high elasticity foam


  • This mattress has high –elasticity foam and wear-resistant fabric
  • Soft independent pocket spring(white)
  • Hand independent pocket spring (blue)

What is made of: If you want a single mattress under 200£ then you can purchase our Newentor memory foam mattress. This mattress is made with high quality foam.The memory foam sprung mattress technology wraps each spring to provide support across the mattress, giving you a supporting feel.

This foam has excellent shock-absorption and resilience which can effectively absorb noise and vibration caused by tossing and turning and also prevents sagging whilst supporting your whole body.

It has breathable and skin friendly bamboo charcoal fiber fabric covers the 135*190cm mattress ,which protects against bacteria, releases moisture and helps your body breath to maintain long term skin health, whilst also keeping you cool in summer and comfortable able in winter .its fluffy feel is ideal for toddlers, teens, adults and the elderly.

How it performed: The memory foam in the comfort layer can fully relax your muscles to release body stress and help adjust and correct sleeping posture, to greatly improve your sleep quality. The memory foam mattress also adapts to body temperature. storing and releasing heat ,to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

4. Molblly Super King Mattress

Molblly Super King Mattress

  • Product dimensions: 2L*1.8W*0.2T meters
  • Comfort layer material: memory foam
  • Coil type: Pocketed coil

Who its best for:

  • It is a firm mattress
  • 17 cm of high density base support foam for ultimate comfort
  • This mattress helps to sleeps very well.


  • This mattress is made with a skin friendly fabrics
  • All foam bed design combined expertise
  • This mattress is made with advanced sleep technology

What is made of: Molblly 20cm gel memory foam mattress is designed with double layers all-foam system ,improving support send host dissipation ,mattress layers include 3cm certified gel memory foam layer,17cm high density base support foam for ultimate comfort.

It includes a soft hypoallergenic cover layer that is washable for your convenience. All foam bed design combined expertise and the best materials with advanced sleep technology.

How it performed: Above all we can say that if you buy this mattress ,you will get many benefits. because specialized foams reduce mptopn transfer of a partner so your sleep is undisturbed.

5. Zinus Comfort Memory Foam

Zinus Mattress

  • Product dimensions: 190L*135w*25.5T centimeters
  • Comfort layer material: Memory foam
  • Item weight:27.6 kilograms

Who its best for:

  • This is one of the best foam for side sllepers
  • Made with high quality foam
  • Relives back pain


  • Pressure relieving and breathable king bed mattress
  • Super comfortable for slep
  • Can be used by people of all ages

What is made of: Our mattresses are fully certipur compliant for durability, performance and has 6.35cm conforming memory foam 5 cm soft, airflow enhanching comfort foam and 14cm durable high density base support foam, ideal for side sleepers and petite to average –weight sleepers.

our special recipe for rejuvenating rest? Refreshing memory foam that cradles your shape so you awake free of aches and pains and fresh as a daisy.

How it performed: if you want a cheap mattress under 200£, it will be the best choice for you.this is one of the best king size mattress under 200£,.you can purchase this mattress for the healthier sleep.

6. Iyee Nature 4ft6 Double mattress

Iyee Nature 4ft6 Double mattress

  • Product dimensions:190L*135W*22T centimeters
  • Coil type: Pocketed coil

Who its best for:

  • Iyee Nature family mattress is specially designed for the sleeping position of each family
  • If conforms to the bodys curves, no matter what your sleeping position is
  • It can bring y6ou the best sleep


  • Unique zoned coilo support adapts and supports each unique body greatly
  • It can relase stress separate movement
  • It has been widely used with every family

What is made of: The use of traditional improved hand knitted materials comes from our teams heart. Soft knitted cover improves the breathability and moisture control of your sleep environment .

It has 9 zone,head and neck , soulders ,back lumber spine ,pelvis ,thighs ,knees, calves ,ankles. on the basis of the seven xone mattress, you no longer need to worry about different weights.

Individually wrapped coils move independently and encased in separate pockets. When you put pressure on it, it not only has no noise ,but also provides pressure relief to reduce partner interference and terminate support.

How it performed: It is one of the best memory foam mattress under version of multi-layer sponge structure-ultra-high air circulation ,absorb heat reduce stress so that your and your family body has always maintained maximum comfort.

7. BedStory Double Mattress

BedStory Double Mattress

  • Product dimensions: 190L*135W*28T centimeters
  • Item firmness description: Medium,firm

Who its best for:

  • Multi comfort layer can increase good air circulation
  • The body does not sweat
  • Keeps your body moisture


  • It keeps your body comfortable and dry
  • One of the budget friendly mattress under 200
  • It makes you feel super comfortable and luxuriate in a baby sweet sleep

What is made of: Bed story is sleeping brand that has over 35 years of experience in the bedding manufacturing industry .we alawys strive to supply global customers with luxurious comfort and help them sleep better. Each pocket springs distributes your weight, operates independently provides the targeted support to uyour body and effectively absorb the noise vibration.

This mattress is formed with a skin friendly cover. Which is created of bamboo fiber fabric and which is hygroscopic and breathable and antibacterial and ensuring cool and transparent summer fluffy and comfortable in winter and warm and not dry .atmospheric design ,soft touch gives you a luxurious sleep experience.

How it performed: This mattress is 11inch/28cm thick ,which promotes durability ,breathability and overall support for sleepers ,seriously up the level of comfort you receive .especially bsuitable for the couple and heavy people.

9. Closeyeux Double Mattress

Closeyeux Mattres

  • Product dimensions: 190L x 135W x 22T centimeters
  • Color: White-silver-grey
  • Construction type:  Foam, Innerspring, Hybrid

Who its best for:

  • 9-zone pocket spring targeted support
  • Individually wrapped coils mean vibrations don’t travel
  • Relieves stress points and wake up energized


  • A perfect balance of support and comfort
  • Memory foam and coil systems work together to reduce stuffiness
  • Breathable and skin friendly cover

What is made of: Closeyeux bed mattress pocketed coil unit made up of individually wrapped recyled steel cpols respond to your bodys movement and contours to your curves .in synergy with memory foam it helps relieve pressure points under the shoulders ,hips and legs and maske the spine better aligend.

Advanced memory foam provides just the right amount of cushioning before the support you urgently need. Allows your muscles to relax as much as possible, keeping your spine naturally aligned. Let you experience the comfort of sleeping on a cloud.

Closeyeux Individual responsive support coils effortlessly isolate motion. Never worry about waking you up when your partner, posterity, or pets is wriggling around after you’ve fallen asleep.

Hybrid construction of high-quality pockets springs and memory foam provides the ultimate mix of support and comfort. Advanced 9-zones support provides targeted support that pushes back in areas with greater pressure while plying in areas with lighter pressure.

How it performed: The top cover knitted fabric provides luxurious softness and comfort, while a highly breathable ventilation system helps to regulate body temperature to take heat away from your body and prevent overheating during sleep.

8. LANKOU 4ft6 Double Mattress

  • Comfort layer: Memory foam
  • Coil type: Pocketed coil
  • Contraction type: memory foam
  • Item weight:28 kg

Who its best for:

  • Memory foam regulates temparature while conforming to the body to ease pressure points
  • Made with bamboo fabric
  • Whatever sleeping position you prefer our multi layer anti pressure memory foam technology caters to you


  • Ventilated for breathability a vantilated design helps to increase airflow
  • Better breathability makes for a more comfortable sleep environment
  • Cheapest mattress under 200.

What is made of: This mattress is made with advanced has gel memory foam. Responsive open cell memory foam compresses evenly under body weight and conforms to curves to alleviate common pressure points.

It is just providing better support for your body, but also can absorb more pressure come from your body and the spring, providing more buffers for your body.

Breathable and Healthy — Design with Memory foams, comfortable and breathable, providing good air circulation to let go body sweat and moisture to keep body comfortable and dry when sleeping.

How it performed: Independent encased spring support layer made of tempered steel coils (2.0mm Diameter & 4 Lines of 2.2mm Diameter on the Edge),496 no signs of sagging and don’t sink in. 496 coils are encased in individual pockets to provide localized bounce in different zones for excellent motion isolation.

Concluding Remarks

Above we have discussed the best 9 mattress under 200.these mattresses are super comfortable. All in all we can say, the slip price mattresses are really great for a nice rest and sleep.

So, it goes without saying that you must shop for that affordable mattress that is the best value for you.